CHILENA COMANDO #7. Anexo I: Techno.

Estas entrevistas iban a formar parte de un anexo al fanzine Chilena Comando editado especialmente por Raúl Rifle, que al final no se hizo.
No se deben quedar por el camino, son demasiado buenas. Aquí quedan tal cual, sin modificar, como debe ser.
1- you’re so prolific in terms of new releases and soundworks, can we expect the same creative rhythm from you ad infinitum?
2- do you prefer to use a lot of machines (in combination) or less machines but knowing their possibilities deeply?
Yeah the less the better, I like crappy workstations, groovebox sequencers and homekeyboards cause you can make entire tracks just on those things alone
3- what good advice can you tell to beginners into electronic sounds? practice?
yeah practice, spend 10.000 hours practicing on it and you will become a genius at it
4- what do you think about musical education? do you believe it can be teached with the same approach as other disciplines (as geography,  history,  maths, physics, etc.)?
5- what are you listening to? tell us about your local favourite musicians..or people who really deserve a listen and we probably don’t know
I like rick wilhite, his album analog aquarium is one of the best things I heard lateley
1- are you planning some new releases with the label for the next years? let us know!
Yes, there is a Chris Carter 12″ called “Moonlight” due very soon. it was originally released in 1985. Then i have an album by Peter Zummo and Arthur Russell that is also from 1985. I also have some new artists with releases coming up. Organs Of  Love from Glasgow and Tobias Schmidt who is Scottish but lives in Brighton.
2- you release The Space Between (OMCC001) around a year ago.. how was the approach to chris carter? the record still a true gem to us. 
I had released a Chris & Cosey remix album in the mid 90s so had known Chris for a long time. i simply asked him if I could put it out and he said yes. It was all very easy and painless.
 3- what place do you like the most to play in spain? festivals or bars/local clubs?
I usually like small clubs the most. my best experiences have been in Madrid and Barcelona.
> 4- what are you listening right now? can you discover us some local talents in your circle or great musicians that we probably don’t know yet?
Right at this moment i am listening to Make 1-2 (Gem Spa Dub) by Arthur Russell which had never been released before. It just came out as an Audika 12″ and arrived at my house just as I started answering these questions.
Silent Servant Negative Facination
1- if we look your discography, your creative rhythm seems accelerated now. is that pure motivation direct from you, or do you have at this moment the right people & time to be more “productive”? maybe we’re wrong!
Productivity has just been focused. I am always this busy, we are just focusing energy’s on music and art at the moment. ,New things are on the horizon for next year so we are focusing on that. The work is the most important thing in this so we are just trying to keep it fresh and interesting for ourselves which in turn hopefully keeps people interested
2- how can you describe your sound? usual words are extreme, deep, minimalist… can you add something about that or is exactly like that?. tags are sometimes confusing and trends are always moving, so we prefer to read it from you.
I always try keep an element of emotion in everything. For me it is all about situations and scenario’s that can create some kind of feeling. Violence, negative fascinations, or hypnosis in the modern age, they all things that can create a situation that leads to a feeling
3- today, we all consume music as a global pleasure, but local scenes have something good to offer as long as new talents emerge from who knows where. tell us something that you hear lately around your location and we probably don’t know due to the lack of promotion or stuff like that, and you consider great and interesting.
The Vivids (Long Beach, CA)/Great long beach band that lie somewhere between the names and Echo and the bunnymen. Frank Alpine (LA, CA) Awesome synth minimal act. Dva Damas (Long Beach, CA) Amazing!!!!! La Ghost(LA, CA)
Solid Garage Vibe. Anika (berlin,de) awesome junky punk dub. Horrid Red( SF,CA and Germany) best current band in my opinion.
4- what are you favourite places to play music? big clubs? private parties? open air events?. ideal spaces for your sound, we mean
Any space as long as people are interested.
5- when composing and thinking about new releases, inspiration is the key (even if you have to buy or learn about a new instrument/machine), or do you have enough old ideas and right hardware/machines that you know well for the sound that we enjoy from you?
Amps and noise boxes are the future……..
Black leather
Black leather
Black leather
Entrevistas/Truenos por Raúl Rifle.

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