DESERT ROCK. Eric Bjornstad

Este diciembre pasado murió Eric Bjornstad con 80 años, una de las ratas del desierto originales y pionero de la escalada en roca. 

Entre otras muchas publicaciones, fue homenajeado en las revistas Climbing y Alpinist. Id a los enlaces para leer las semblanzas de este interesante activo de lo vertical.

Una cita:

“This passion to climb has lasted for myriad reasons: the justification to travel to new places; the ability to step into another world with complex problems and close friends; the opportunity to think up names for my first ascents; the guidebook writing that has introduced me to all the famous climbers I’d read about; the romance of climbing tales, nomenclature, paraphernalia and spectacular photos; the sense of living close to the edge where I feel most alive; the foreboding the night before a difficult, unknown ascent; the rush of flying onto a glacier in a ski-equipped plane; the feeling of working out dancelike movements on routes where others have failed or died; the exhaustion at the day’s end; the climbing horror stories that even Halloween tales could not match; and the lifelong memories of adventures. Without this passion, how impoverished my life would have been!”

Algunas fotos:



bjornstad-2 (1)


brookscaarlstadpic LeavenworthBB65guideTumwaterAA2p_57_Snow_Creek_Wall

eiger sanction



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