Svala Radio Psicolabio 09 (PACIFIC RING OF FIRE)

Indonesia es país de muchas ofrendas cotidianas. Aquí va la nuestra, a su sonido y jaleo.
Y a sus noches pesadas y calurosas, inquietas pero sin eventos.

Before his departure, he drew a magic circle, with the tip of his arrow, around the cottage and asked her not to cross the line.

“As long as you stay within the circle you will be safe with the grace of God”

Colleen – Echoes and Coral
Javanese Court Gamelan From The Pura Paku Alaman, Jogyakarta
Gamelan of the Walking Warriors
Funerary Music Of The Dayak Benuaq Of Borneo
Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea Damaindeh Bau
Jon Hasell Wing Melodies
Carl Stone – mae yao
Ariel Kalma – Gongmo
Don Cherry and the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra – Tantra
23 skidoo G2 Contemplation
John Keliehor – Garuda
Threshold HouseBoys Choir – Mahil Athal Nadrach
Komodo Kolektif – Night of the Leyak
De Leon
Uwalmassa untitled 6
Peter Power & Friends – Sacral Bells
YMO – Seoul Music
Senyawa Bronshoj 2
Johny Nash – Conversations with Mike
Alvin Lucier – Music for Gamelan Instruments, Microphones, Amplifiers and Loudspeakers
Debussy, Estampes

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